Heart Disease Prevention Panel



Your blood offers many clues about your heart health.

For this panel we begin with our Basic Check up Panel and we add several heart health specific tests.

NMR LipoProfile.  The Wall Street Journal calls this one of the most “promising screening tests [that] could save your life.”  Since excessive levels of “bad” cholesterol in your blood can be a sign that you’re at increased risk of developing life-threatening blockages in your coronary arteries, we’ve included in the panel one of the best cholesterol screens available.

C-reactive protein is a protein your liver produces as part of your immune system response to injury or infection and may indicate whether you’re likely to have a heart attack. It’s also produced by muscle cells within the coronary arteries. CRP is a nonspecific sign of inflammation, which means it may not be clear what’s causing the inflammation. Inflammation plays a central role in atherosclerosis, in which fatty deposits clog your arteries.

Homocysteine  is an amino acid your body uses to make protein and to build and maintain tissue. But excessive levels in your blood may increase your risk of stroke, certain types of heart disease, and disease of the blood vessels of the arms, legs and feet (peripheral artery disease).

Please fast for at least 8 hours prior to this panel.

Heart Disease Prevention Panel:

C-reactive Protein – Quantitative – Cardio
CBC with Diff/platelet
Comprehensive metabolic Panel, CMP, SMAC
NMR LipoProfile



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