We strive for 100% satisfaction. Here are some of Dr. Scott’s Restorative Health Reviews from around the web.

I wanted to share my great experience with Dr. Scott, Meagan and the rest of his staff. After about 3 years of trying to lose my last 10 lbs, I went to see Dr. Scott. I’ve tried WW, hired fitness coaches, and hired another girl who said she could help me. To no avail, but Dr.Scott came through! Not only did I lose my last 10 lbs, I lost 4 more then that!! Dr. Scott put me on a very healthy eating plan. I’m never hungry and boy, do I feel and look fantastic! I’ve been on the internet looking for the answer for years! Well, the answer is right here with Dr Scott and his staff. If you are serious about getting healthy, this is where you start! – Debbie C., July 2024, 5-Star Google Review  

Since moving to NJ I haven’t been able to find one suitable doctor to care for my face. Dr. Scott is wonderful and I miss him dearly. – Michele M., June 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

Dr Scott and his nurses are amazing. They take great care of you, on site, do the blood draws and send these away for tests as well as keep you up to date on the portal with your results and supplements. They ship some of these out too and never miss a beat. Thank you for always taking such great care of me! – Shane M., May 2024, 5-Star Google Review

Dr Scott, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me! You showed me how much you care about your patients from day one and I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know! You have given me feelings of confidence and happiness that I haven’t felt in a very long time and I cannot tell you how good it feels. Donna thank you for always being amazing you and taking care of me as well. Love you both so much! – Yevnika N., April 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

Could not recommend a more CARING doctor. Dr Scott always spends the time with you, to understand exactly what is going on. I travel over an hour and a half to see him- it’s worth it. (One time when I thought about getting a local doctor- it was NOT worth it- went right back to Dr Scott). He is the BEST! – Jenni S., April 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

Dr Scott is a very special Doctor. He has the training of an MD and surgeon but he didn’t stop there and continued to expand his knowledge and understanding to offer a truly comprehensive health service. He thought deeply about my many health issues, and with compassion and understanding came up with a plan that is already helping me so much. Dr Scott is the kind of Doctor everyone wishes for, but doesn’t believe exists-he’s compassionate, intelligent, listens😊 and offers practical, effective help! – Katie, March 2024, 5-Star Google Review

The absolute best! I love them! ❤️ – Sherri S., February 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

I just have to share something with you! My anxiety has dropped so much it is a miracle!! Yesterday was the best day that I have had in many years. I am also focusing on happy thoughts and thinking positive which has been a huge help in my getting well along with the hormones. When you are stronger physically like I am now you can fight better mentally but when you are weak and weary physically and mentally you lose your fight. My hair not only stopped falling out in wads but I have lots of new growth on my head! My muscle tone is back, too, I have curves again! Thank you! God bless you and your precious staff. – February 2024 

My friend referred me to Dr Scott. I have been searching for a doctor that I not only feel comfortable with, but one that I can trust. When I made the appointment, the woman who answered the phone was so happy and helpful that I actually looked forward to my appointment. From the moment I walked in to the time I left, I felt so welcomed. When I met Dr. Scott I was blown away! He spent time with me, listened to my concerns and told me what our game plan would be. He is so kind and genuine. I wish I had gone to Dr Scott’s years ago! – Ally K., February 2024, 5-Star Google Review

I went to Dr. Scott feeling like I was no longer human. I had no energy, gained weight and couldn’t sleep. I felt horrible all the time. I knew something wasn’t right. Dr Scott listened to me and didn’t make me feel like I was going crazy. He ran some labs. Found out I had a problem with my hormones that were completely out of balance, and affecting my daily life. It’s now been 3 months and I feel so much better. I have more energy and I feel human again. Thank you so much Dr. Scott for listening to me and helping me get my life back. – Brandy R., January 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

Dr. Scott, Miss Donna and staff are absolutely wonderful. You are in great hands with this team! They genuinely care for their patients and are highly knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. 10 stars! – Savannah M., January 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

Loved my results with the SWave for cellulite! Dr. Scott and his staff are super nice and professional. Go back for Round 2 in July! – Grace K., January 2024, 5-Star Google Review 

If you want to feel better, regardless of age, Dr Scott is the person to see. He makes things happen! – Donna G., December 2023, 5-Star Google Review 














After gaining so much weight I decided to take control over my food addiction and get back in shape. I started the HCG diet and lost all the excess weight I had in just 3 months. It was a hard process but Beth guided me and helped me reached the maximum goal! Now that I am the way I was intended to be I will not go back to unhealthy eating habits and plan to continue my path to wellness! Thank you Beth for your weekly assistance and helping keep a positive mindset during my process! I would not have been able to succeed without you! – Maria, November 2023, 5-Star Google Review 

I had my first appointment with Dr. Scott today. Very easy to talk to; he makes sure you understand the information he is presenting to you. Very helpful. – Crystal H., October 2023

I heard about Dr. Shapiro when I asked for help in one of my FB groups. I had checked other options, but the moment of my first interaction with Megan, I knew in my heart that I was calling the right place for me. I honestly give Dr. Shapiro and Megan 50 out of 5 stars. Yes, they’re that good. Here is why: communication: sometimes you just need to be heard. Most places that we call today for any service or product either take forever to answer or the person answering is in a rush. Megan took the time to explain the services to me and answered all my questions. That is how I knew this office was “the one” 💖. Paperwork: easy, thorough, easy to understand, and complete; it made sense. And no, sometimes, questions make no sense. Consultation: OMG! Talk about a doctor who is compassionate, an excellent listener, knows his business, and knows how to help. If you have experienced menopause, you know how emotional and sometimes irrational one can be. I loved that he educates the patient before simply giving you a pill or a medication. He was thorough, candid, and so excited to help me. He is my forever hormone guardian angel, and I cannot wait to improve and be my best. I believe that health improvement should always be our top priority, and this is my most precious and priceless investment. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Scott ❤️😘😘😘!
Thanks for all y’all do! – A Really Happy Client, September 2023

I have been under Dr. Scott’s care for 6-7 years now. I have had Hashimoto’s Disease for 20+ years. I am so grateful for Dr.Scott. He truly cares about getting his patients healthy. He listens and asks very thorough questions. Prior to Dr.Scott, I had seen Endocrinologists at the Cleveland Clinic who would only look at the surface. They only did simple blood tests and would treat based on the basic numbers. Dr.Scott delves into extensive bloodwork to treat his patients. He has a passion and compassion for his patients. He personally understands the struggles. I have never felt better than I have under Dr.Scott’s care. My energy level is fantastic; my hair is no longer thin and falling out. Thank you so much for changing my life, Dr. Scott! – Alison R., August 2023, Birdeye Review

Two years ago, I felt like I was slowly dying. Scott saved me from that state of existence. I felt much better in just a few months and I felt great in 6-9 months. My life is much improved thanks to Scott’s caring and highly effective treatment. Scott is a real person who cares deeply about his patients. Great guy who does incredible work. I cannot recommend him highly enough. – Anonymous, August 2023, Birdeye Review

Dr. Scott and his staff are great! He takes time to listen to me, explain results, and develop a unique plan to improve my health. I am healthier, stronger, and feeling better than I have in years. – Howard S., July 2023, Google Review

I have to say if you are looking for a doctor to help you on a weight loss goal no matter how big or small, you have found the right one. This place has been a God send. Don’t hesitate to go here if you are looking for an extra boost to get pounds off. – Angela J., June 2023, Yelp

I came to Dr. Scott’s due to my weight gain. He listened to me, and ran tests. He found that my weight issue was due to my Thyroid gland not working correctly. The entire staff is very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Scott Shapiro!! – Richard D., June 2023, Google Review

Dr. Scott is amazing! I rarely leave reviews for any businesses. This is an exception for me. The level of care, compassion and service from the whole staff was such a blessing to me in starting to make positive changes in my life. I had hormone issues that no one else seemed to figure out. Other doctors just told me I was crazy. My medical dr has me on Thyroid medicine and it was the wrong kind! No wonder I never seemed to get better! Dr. Scott worked with me and I remember him telling me I was not alone and he would be there to help me every step of the way! Dr Scott was really patient in helping me get the right treatment. I have never felt better in my life. I know God sent me to him for a reason. Everyone sees such a big change in me. Thank you Dr Scott!! – Melinda K., May 2023, Birdeye Review

The absolute best! Dr. Scott and his staff are amazing!🙏🏻- April M., February 2023, Google Review

Dr. Scott listens to your concerns and really works with you to get the best results possible. – Pam D., July 2022, Facebook Recommendation

My name is Kristen, I am 54, and I have been seeing Dr. Scott for 2.5 years for hormone treatment due to menopause. From the very first meeting, Dr. Scott has shown kindness, empathy, and genuine care for me and my health. He takes the time to understand what is happening to you, comes up with a plan to get you back on track, whatever your goals are, and continues to review progress with you. He gets to know you as a person and has the most amazing “bedside” manner. He is truly genuine! My life has changed so much since I started going to Dr. Scott, and even my marriage has improved! I feel better, I’m sleeping better, I eat better, and other areas have also seen incredible improvement. He offers many more services, which I plan to take advantage of in the next year. I feel like I’m back in my 20’s again!” – Kristen, July 2022, 5-Star Google Review

So far so good! I found Dr. Scotts by trying to find a Dr. that does the semagludtide for weight loss. I have been on many diets in the past and feel like I should have a doctorate in diets and nutrition by now! I just could not lose weight on my own between different diets and exercise. I’ve been on their program for only a month now and even with vacation, a holiday and a birthday in that timeframe where I didn’t follow the recommended diet, I am still down 13 pounds so far. It’s super easy to stay on track after making less than healthy choices. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better experience since starting with Dr. Scotts office! If you need to loose weight and having trouble doing it on your own, this is definitely the way to go! – Paige M, July 2022, 5-Star Google Review

Dr. Scott, as well as his whole team, is WONDERFUL!!!! I love each and every visit with them. Dr. Scott is so informative and he takes time with you at each visit. You can tell that he has your best interest in mind. I love, love, love his whole team and what they stand for!!! Thanks Dr. Scott! – Mslcarpenter, 5-Star Google Review, July 2022

One month after we started Semaglutide, I was down 17 lbs and all the inflammation in my joints is gone and so is the pain. My husband Lisa 25 lbs during the same timeframe. We would highly recommend this plan, especially for someone wanting to kickstart their weight loss journey. – Dessi D.,  5-Star Google Review, June 2022

Great experience and service. Completed shockwave and PRP and Dr. Scott made the experience extremely comfortable. Very transparent and trustworthy. I am happy with the results. – Daniel K., 5-Star Google Review, May 2022

Been going to Dr. Scott for years and every single time he is patient, kind and most importantly listens to me and my concerns AND actually takes them into consideration! He ensures you are happy time and time again. His staff is equally friendly and great! Just can’t sing their praises enough. He knows what he’s doing and is more of a perfectionist than you! Just go see him already! – Cristy J., 5-Star Google Review, April 2022

A Great Visit and Amazing , Caring, Staff & Doc!!!
I was initially interested in filler to plump my cheeks, hope to help with Jowling. Dr. Scott’s staff was very thorough in picture taking and talking about my initial concerns. Dr. Scott helped me see that what I thought was the original problem (that I wanted to have fuller cheeks to lift my jowling), was actually that I had bone loss in areas of my face, including temple. This means to re-create bone structure I need a deeper, longer lasting filler like Sculptra for temples, then when that settles out, I’m going to do a little filler and natural PRP for my cheek volume then a few weeks later, going to have a PDO threadlift to get myself a “snatched jawline” I keep reading about, but first, but will dissolve extra under-neck fat, with a special RF that’s cheaper than Kybella, with fewer treatments and less down time.

Dr. Scott, thank you so much for helping me make a WHOLE plan, rather than just running in and selling me a bunch of filler that really wouldn’t have taken care of my problem, though I thought that was what I needed. He never tried to hard sell….just laid out the facts……and let me choose what to start on that was bugging me the most. The office manager worked out pricing and treatments spread out, that fit within my budget and after my 2 treatments so far – am LOVING results and can’t wait to see more improvements as time goes along! The also figured in a COUPLE of IPLs to strengthen my skin first, and that was the smartest part of package so far. I’ve got several weeks left on the various treatments, but will post back in a few weeks when I know more! – LM, SpaFinder

I have really been impressed by the services I have received by the aestheticians. Most recently, I had Microneedling with PRP and a follow-up facial to discuss skincare needs going forward. I must admit that I was nervous going into my first Microneedling session, but Hannah quickly calmed my fears, and I got through it like a breeeze, and I’m loving my results! She is very kind, knowledgeable about the procedures and products she recommends, and I am looking forward to going back soon. I highly recommend! – Susan W., Facebook, December 2021

I love the staff at Dr. Scott’s office. Hanna has given me great advice on skin care after giving a wonderful facial. She wrote everything down that I needed to follow when I got home. Dr. Scott also helped me with a lot of wrinkles after a fast weight loss that made my face look old and sunken in. Thank you! I have never felt rushed as a patient and thought I was the only one in the office that mattered. – Jackie B., Google Review, December 2021

Everyone has been a great team. Dr. Scotts is dedicated to his clients. I’m am extremely happy with my results. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. – Janet T., Google Review, July 2021

Dr. Scott is extremely professional, caring, and friendly. He took the time to explain all of my options, was very attentive to my concerns, and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. He asked me a number of questions to ensure he understood what I was hoping to achieve. I have never felt I was in more capable or caring hands. My results were truly better than I expected. I would recommend him to a family member without hesitation. – Joyce,  Google Review, June 2021

Dr. Scott is absolutely ah-mazing! He truly is an “injectable artist” and I LOOK and FEEL like a work of art thanks to him! The entire staff is so friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to entrust Dr. Scott with HRT next! – Christa C., Google Review , June 2021

Dr. Scott is amazing! I came in to see him for aging issues with my neck and he did PDO threads which gave me amazing results. I instantly looked ten years younger and the great thing about the threads is they produce collagen so will look even better in a couple of months. He was very thorough in making sure things were perfect and honest. I highly recommend him for natural-looking results! – Rene G., Recommendation on Facebook, May 2021

Loved my results with the SWave for cellulite! Dr. Scott and his staff are super nice and professional. Go back for Round 2 in July! – Grace K., Google Review, May 2021

Don’t typically do reviews, but SO happy I found you guys, I had to share! Finally… a Doctor and staff that are present, straightforward, and I feel like they truly care. I’m going on two months with Dr. Scott’s and I feel so much better. My body is balanced. And I look better than I ever have…I have embarrassing “before” photos to prove it 😂 A+++++ – Instagram User, May 2021

I highly recommend Dr. Scott and his staff. I have been receiving filler for years now, by far Dr. Scott did the best job with my filler. I look 10 years younger and it does NOT look like I had filler which was my goal. I will continue to get my filler done here and refer friends and family. Such a great experience all around. – Seyller R. April 2021, Google Review

Great experience! Dr. Scott and his staff are very friendly and interested in what is best for my needs.” – Kimbra H.  February 2021, Google Review

Great experience, great service and great people! Thank you Sandra, you are awesome!” Kathleen M. – February 2021, Google Review


“OMG. Sorry, I’m just writing this, I’m a couple of months behind. I got the PDO threads in my arms to tighten and get rid of my “bat wings”. I then did the ZWave for fat around my middle and some cellulite on the back of my thighs. I really am over the moon over my arms and still halfway through treatments on my belly, already seeing results. Thank you, Dr. Scott, and the wonderful staff. I’ll keep you posted and send some “after-treatment” photos when I’m done.”

Anonymous – November 2020, Google Review

“Dr. Scott and his staff always make sure I have the best most positive experience whether I’m just calling in to ask a question or if I’m in the office for an appointment. When I’m there I feel like I’m visiting family. Dr. Scott is the most genuine, caring individual who truly loves what he does. He takes everything into consideration. No cookie-cutter approach here. He truly cares about each of his patients and wants them to be well. I’m so grateful and thankful to have found such a remarkable medical professional as Dr. Scott. He will exceed all your expectations!

Deborah M., October 2020, Recommendation on Facebook


“Dr. Scott is AMAZING!! He really listens to understand, is very caring and compassionate, and cares more about your results than you do! He is a perfectionist and makes sure you are 100% happy and satisfied. He went way above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied.”

Christy J. ~ October 2020, BirdEye Review


“I love Dr. Scott and all the staff! Dr. Scott truly cares about results and comfort during and after procedures. I look 10 years younger than I did prior to the procedure! I never could have imagined I could look this young without having surgery. Thank you, Dr. Scott, for caring and giving me results above and beyond what I EVER could have imagined! With Gratitude, Your Forever Patient…”

Lisa H. ~ October 2019, BirdEye Review


“Dr. Scott and his staff are incredible! Dr.Scott is the first doctor to really take the time to get to know me and assess my health issues with the utmost care and support that I have ever received. He and his staff genuinely care about their patients.”

Tracy P., October 2019, Recommendation on Facebook

“I have a huge fear of needles and this was my first Botox treatment. Sandra put me at ease and walked me through an amazing process, making me feel safe and comfortable! Can’t wait to see my results. Thank you so much, Sandra!”

Lorena N., September 2019, Recommendation on Facebook


If you truly want to regain your “healthy” feeling back, whether you are male or female, go to see Dr. Scott. He will not gloss over or skip anything until he finds your problem. He looks at the “whole person”. Mind and body. He wants you to feel good no matter your age.”

Donna G., August 2019, Recommendation on Facebook


“From my 1st phone call to meeting with the staff, then Dr. Scott about injections, the experience was great all the way! They never tried to push other services on me but educated me on the availability and benefits of things, like their weight loss program. Very friendly, welcoming, comfortable environment!”

Jackie B., July 2019 Groupon Review


“My first visit was on June 11, 2019. Dr. Scott seems to go beyond the typical cookie-cutter approaches to wellness and focuses upon individual needs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I am glad that I found his medical practice for helping me with my hormone needs.”

Carolyn H., June 2019 BirdEye Review


I had a PRP procedure with micro-needling done with Dr. Scott and I could not be more pleased.  My hair had been thinning with my hairline receding over the past few years and the PRP treatments stopped the hair loss while stimulating hair growth. Dr. Scott made me feel very comfortable from pre to post-procedure, he called me personally after the procedure to answer any questions I had and to put my mind at ease. The office is clean, beautiful, high tech and the staff is so attentive, caring and accommodating to ensure I was comfortable. Overall, excellent experience and result! 10/10 would definitely recommend Dr. Scott and his staff as they are absolutely fantastic!”

Levent K., Yelp Review, May 2019

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful treatment I have received here. Dr. Scott’s sense of humor made him feel very approachable. He told me things about my health condition that regular docs and chiros. Couldn’t figure out for years! His testing was the most thorough I’ve EVER received and he even sends a copy of them to you after your visit along with complete notes of your visit and explanation of labs to keep on file. I was worried about my insurance not reimbursing because the initial visit wasn’t cheap, $395, I think. They did reimburse for my labs and part of the visit. The staff are very knowledgeable and down to earth. I’m already feeling so much better after 6 weeks. I know I have a long way to go, but I’ve finally found the right doctor. Thanks, Dr. Scott and staff.”

Grace, Google Review, May 2019

“Hi, I was in the medical field for 36 years, I have met and worked with a lot of MD’s. I have never met a doctor who was so caring and understanding of what I am going through! I am very impressed with him and his fantastic staff.”

ROBIN S., Birdeye Review, May 2019

I had PRP done at Dr.Scott’s office and I see a difference in performance and erection. Very professional and knows what he is doing. All the staff are friendly and professional too. I would recommend him.”

Ben, Birdeye Review, May 2019


“I LOVE Dr. Scott’s. I could tell that Dr. Scott really cared about helping me to feel my best.

Beth V., Birdeye Review, May 2019


***PRP Facial Wizardry*** Guys… I am literally in amazement right now… I’m sort of embarrassed to post my before pics, but this is a MUST:

Sooo, I went to Doctor Scott Shapiro in Indian Trail, NC for a free consultation regarding sudden adult acne, scarring, and facial hair loss (beard). After visiting multiple dermatologists with little to no results, I decided to seek another opinion – and thank GOODNESS I did!

I am 32 years old, in fine health, and never had any issues with complexion (even in high school). 1 year ago I noticed changes in my skin and attributed it to my aging. I started breaking out, nothing would heal, and I lost most of my facial hair.

I remember thinking, “Boy, they weren’t kidding about age hitting you overnight.” Sorry for the lengthy post. I am just so excited about the results. I’ll cut to the chase:

After ONE PRP Facial, my breakouts ceased.

After PRP Facial #2: super-noticeable healing, scarring lightened, major evenness in skin tone, and texture improvement.

***PRP #3: still no breakouts, skin bounces back, ANDDDDD

¡ ¡¡ MY BEARD IS GROWING BACK!!! Literal wizardry, folks.

There are a ton of gimmicks out there and Drs concerned with bottom dollar vs. the patient… I’ll stop blabbing and let the photos speak: First two pics are before. The third is after a second treatment. The rest are “now.”

Recommendation on Facebook by Wes T., April 2019

Wes T before and after Vampire Procedure



























































































































Before After  Facial 

“I wanted to treat myself nearing my 30th birthday with botox or fillers. I was SUPER nervous, but Dr. Scott’s staff was AMAZING. They answered all my questions over the phone even before I made my appointment. Once I arrived I was walked through every single step before anything was done. I was immediately set at ease. I HIGHLY recommend this place!”

5-Star Review on Google by Samantha K., April 2019


“Sandra did the most AMAZING brow lift with my Botox! Been doing Botox for 20 yrs and she did the best work on my crows feet and forehead! She also took the time to educate me on a few things to improve the texture of my skin without trying to “sell” me as so many other aestheticians do. Looking forward to coming back for other services and that says a lot considering I live in Asheville!”

Recommendation on Facebook by Ronay K., March 2019

“Dr. Scott is great. Always smiling and welcoming. Great staff and Services. I highly recommend.”

Recommendation on Facebook by Rhonda J., March 2019

“Very professional shop. I purchase my b12 Lipo shots for an extra boost of energy. The office is pleasant and the staff members are very engaging. Never a long wait with a scheduled appointment. High recommend their services.” 5-Star review on Yelp by Antoinette K. ~  12/15/2018

Review on Groupon by Karen R. – read on BirdEye


THANK YOU soooo much, you all are lifesavers!!!  You helped my menopause, low thyroid, near zero energy with BHRT and supplements, I can function again after being miserable.  The last one you prescribed really did the trick– I can see my waistline again and love the way my mid-section looks now. Oh and I can think again! Dr. Scott, Beth, & Richard all are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and courteous — love you guys 🙂

5-Star review on Yelp by Antoinette K. ~  12/15/2018

“I cannot say enough fabulous things about Dr. Scott and Beth. I have been on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for 8 years after having a hysterectomy at a young age. I have seen many physicians for treatment, however, none were able to get to the root of my problems that started years before the hysterectomy. Dr. Scott has put countless hours into finding all of the answers and then planning the treatment. I am absolutely beyond grateful, thankful and beyond blessed to have found such a genuine, caring doctor that is determined to help you live the fullest and healthiest life possible.”

5-Star Review on Google by Carmen ~ November 2018

“I’ll start by saying I don’t have much faith in doctors. When I decided to see Dr. Scott I was at the point of desperation and knew I needed a fresh approach, no more prescriptions that didn’t help or another doctor that wouldn’t hear me. I am 40 years old and after my tubal things began to shift hormonally then after a complicated surrogacy I had to have a hysterectomy which means immediate surgical menopause. I’ll shorten this up by saying Dr. Scott brought me back to life, to my old self! My first visit I knew I had found hope and help, finally!! He has helped me to lose 20 pounds and still counting. He diagnosed my low thyroid where no other MD would and he treated it. He realigned my hormones and I feel alive again and happy. No more headaches, no more hot flashes, no more fatigue and yes, my libido is back too. He even allowed me to return supplements I didn’t end up using (I’m hard headed)…What doctor does that?  This man is absolutely positively for his patients 100%. I will conclude that after all that, I took the leap for a PRP Breast Lift and not only am I very pleased with his work afterward, I will also add how very professional, kind and understanding he was. Even calling me while I was on vacation to check on me a couple days later. His entire staff is exceptional. Dr. Scott runs a tight ship and knows his stuff. You can’t put a price on feeling alive and understood. His care is worth every penny. I literally can’t say enough extraordinary things about Dr. Scott, saying thank you just isn’t enough.”

5-Star Review on Wellness by Kathy ~ August 2018


To feel alive again is priceless! Dr. Scott has helped me SO much. He listened and then he took care of me, where other doctors didn’t. I finally lost the weight that I couldn’t on my own for years. He corrected my hormones after my hysterectomy and for the first time in years, I actually feel alive and vibrant again. Dr. Scott’s level of care, concern, and knowledge surpasses all of my past medical care experiences with other physicians. He is the one you want, believe me! Thank you Dr. Scott!!”

5-Star Review on Facebook by Kathy S. ~ 8/31/2018

This review is long overdue. I moved here from South Florida a few years ago and was being treated there with Bio-identical hormones so when I moved here I was in search of a doctor who had the same treatment philosophy that I was used to. I did a search and found Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott and his staff are all amazing! They are personable, friendly and more than helpful. Dr. Scott has even called me himself to make sure everything was okay with me. He is the most genuine doctor I’ve ever met. He is honest and straightforward. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Looking forward to going in for a consultation with Dawn soon for a Rezeneration facial. I trust Dr. Scott and his staff completely!”

5-Star Review on Wellness by Deborah M. ~ 8/1/2018


“Came here to get my hormones straightened out. I got on testosterone therapy and decided to try the shockwave treatments for ED. Any men still on the line about whether or not to try it….Just DO IT. Noticed a difference right away. The staff is great and everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable.”

5-Star Review on Google by Mike C. ~ June 2018






























































































































































































































































































































































“I had gained a lot of weight in a few years leading up to my decision to visit Dr. Scott. My joints and muscles ached. Dr. Scott put me in a weight loss plan and supplements. I lost the weight we determined. I stayed on the supplements and I noticed my aches went away, my eczema cleared up. The supplements weren’t for weight loss. Having the right hormonal balance gave me back myself. It is about eating healthy but so much more than that our hormones play an important factor in achieving our goals and/or being well in general. My money was well spent.”

5-Star Review on Google by Charity H. ~ 3/14/18






























































































































































































































































































































































“My family doctor said I was not in menopause even though I had a hysterectomy years prior and was experiencing all the symptoms. Also I had begged for a cortisol test because our family has been under a great deal of stress for nine years …My family doctor said I was not in menopause even though I had a hysterectomy years prior and was experiencing all the symptoms. Also, I had begged for a cortisol test because our family has been under a great deal of stress for nine years since our two-year-old son come down with encephalitis. She declined. I went to Dr. Scott who listened and took my symptoms very seriously. He did the tests, even the cortisol and found that not only were my hormones a mess but I was in adrenal fatigue. He put me on the right doses of hormones and supplements and literally saved my life!! This man is far more than a doctor he is a man with a heart, a listening ear, compassion and caring that has changed my life for the better!”

Read the review on BirdEye






























































































































































































































































































































































“What a wonderful experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful. A fantastic support group…. I can fit into my skinny jeans again!!!!”

5-Star Review on Google by Leah O.






























































































































































































































































































































































“I had many “male” issues before contacting Dr. Scott. He and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and I am feeling 110% better than ever! I wake up feeling like a teenager again every morning and I’m 30 years past those golden years. Thank you, Dr. Scott, for your care and time and genuine concern for me.”

4-Star Review on Google by K G 






























































































































































































































































































































































“Amazing!! Dr.Scott and all his staff is very personable!! They all made me feel very good and excited about this journey that I’m about to embark. For once I am looking forward to losing weight!”

Read review at BirdEye






























































































































































































































































































































































“Jannine was professional and made me feel at ease during my treatment.  Excellent job.  I am very selective on who injects me since I inject as well.  She met all of my expectations and more.  Thanks again Jannine! “

November, 2016






























































































































































































































































































































































“The staff here is excellent and very caring. Really happy with the results and eager to do another round.”

Ann Martin, October 2016






























































































































































































































































































































































“Dr. Scott and his staff made me feel I was in the right place for help and took the time to explain everything when I had a question, never made me feel uncomfortable. They truly care about the welfare of their patients and make it a pleasant visit each time. Dr. Scott and his wonderful crew have helped me lose weight and get my hormones in check. I am definitely feeling better about myself and will continue to improve! Thanks and what a Blessing you all have been to me!”

Pamela B, March 2016






























































































































































































































































































































































“Although today was my first visit to Dr. Scott I can already say he is the one I have been looking for for along time. The doctor is honest and explicit. He gave me the time to explain my issues and focused on some details that I wasn’t aware of. I felt very satisfied and that does not happen to me often. All I can say is that I would definitely come again.

Faisal Asiri, November 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“I had a great experience with Dr. Scott and his staff. Dr. Scott is very informative and extremely easy to talk to. With his help, I was able to lose weight and reach my goal. I continue to visit for B12 shots. The entire office staff is fabulous. Appointment times are flexible. They offer many programs to meet your needs. Highly recommend!”

Sue S, November 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“I rarely leave reviews for any businesses. This is an exception for me. The level of care, compassion and service from the whole staff was such a blessing to me in starting to make positive changes in my life. I had hormone issues that no one else seemed to figure out. Other doctors just told me I was crazy. Dr Scott was really patient in helping me get the right treatment. I have never felt better in my life. I know God sent me to him for a reason. Everyone sees such a big change in me. Thank you Dr Scott and all the girls.”

ANDREA, Wellness.com, August 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“I visited Dr. Scott’s office last Tuesday, April 14th, that was my 1st visit and it definitely will not be my last. I suffer from a hormonal imbalance and Dr. Scott saved my life. He gave me such positive feedback. Not only was he sympathetic to my symptoms he assured me that I will feel better. What I love about Dr. Scott is that the hormone replacement therapy treatment is all natural and it is solely designed for each individual. Dr. Scott has a wonderful staff as well. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who is suffering with a hormonal balance. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You are the best Dr. Scott!”

Deborah W, April 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“I had a great experience with Dr. Scott and his staff in fact I continue to visit for the B12 shots and for accountability. I had a back injury with a 70 pound weight gain. I rarely took photos, but I with these great folks have lost many inches and 61.9 pounds. I have more confidence and have started feeling much better about myself. I love what I have been able to do with their program and in the last 10 months. I encourage anyone that wants to change their lives and keep it off to give them a try they are well worth your time and money. They have many programs to meet your needs.”

Stacy S, March 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“I tried Dr. Scott after using other weight loss methods. My experience was absolutely fantastic. Within 23 days, I lost 20 pounds! I was so excited. Dr. Scott is a wonderful doctor who really cares about his patients and their well being. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about losing weight!”

Sylvia C., March 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“Dr. Scott is very personable, informative and extremely easy to talk to. With his help, I am achieving healthy, realistic goals while working toward a better weight and a more physically fit lifestyle. The entire office staff is fabulous. Appointment times are flexible and work around my schedule.”

Kimberly Austin, February 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“The whole staff is wonderful and I am having great success with both the weight loss and the HRT.”

Lynda R., February 2015






























































































































































































































































































































































“Great Dr. and awesome staff! Dr. Scott spends a lot of time. I never felt rushed or like any question I had was too trivial. Recommend!”

Tomas F., November 2014






























































































































































































































































































































































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