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5-Star Review on Wellness by Kathy ~ August 2018

“I’ll start by saying I don’t have much faith in doctors. When I decided to see Dr. Scott I was at the point of desperation and knew I needed a fresh approach, no more prescriptions that didn’t help or another doctor that wouldn’t hear me. I am 40 years old and after my tubal things began to shift hormonally then after a complicated surrogacy I had to have a hysterectomy which means immediate surgical menopause. I’ll shorten this up by saying Dr. Scott brought me back to life, to my old self! My first visit I knew I had found hope and help, finally!! He has helped me to lose 20 pounds and still counting. He diagnosed my low thyroid where no other MD would and he treated it. He realigned my hormones and I feel alive again and happy. No more headaches, no more hot flashes, no more fatigue and yes, my libido is back too. He even allowed me to return supplements I didn’t end up using (I’m hard headed)…What doctor does that?  This man is absolutely positively for his patients 100%. I will conclude that after all that, I took the leap for a Vampire Breast Lift and not only am I very pleased with his work afterward, I will also add how very professional, kind and understanding he was. Even calling me while I was on vacation to check on me a couple days later. His entire staff is exceptional. Dr. Scott runs a tight ship and knows his stuff. You can’t put a price on feeling alive and understood. His care is worth every penny. I literally can’t say enough extraordinary things about Dr. Scott, saying thank you just isn’t enough.”

5-Star Review on Facebook by Kathy S. ~ 8/31/2018

To feel alive again is priceless! Dr. Scott has helped me SO much. He listened and then he took care of me, where other doctors didn’t. I finally lost the weight that I couldn’t on my own for years. He corrected my hormones after my hysterectomy and for the first time in years, I actually feel alive and vibrant again. Dr. Scott’s level of care, concern, and knowledge surpasses all of my past medical care experiences with other physicians. He is the one you want, believe me! Thank you Dr. Scott!!”

5-Star Review on Wellness by Deborah M. ~ 8/1/2018

This review is long overdue. I moved here from South Florida a few years ago and was being treated there with Bio-identical hormones so when I moved here I was in search of a doctor who had the same treatment philosophy that I was used to. I did a search and found Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott and his staff are all amazing! They are personable, friendly and more than helpful. Dr. Scott has even called me himself to make sure everything was okay with me. He is the most genuine doctor I’ve ever met. He is honest and straightforward. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Looking forward to going in for a consultation with Dawn soon for a Rezeneration facial. I trust Dr. Scott and his staff completely!”

5-Star Review on Google by Terry V. ~ 5/15/2015

“Great staff very helpful.”

5-Star Review on Google by Charity H. ~ 3/14/18

“My family doctor said I was not in menopause even though I had a hysterectomy years prior and was experiencing all the symptoms. Also I had begged for a cortisol test because our family has been under a great deal of stress for nine years …MoreMy family doctor said I was not in menopause even though I had a hysterectomy years prior and was experiencing all the symptoms. Also I had begged for a cortisol test because our family has been under a great deal of stress for nine years since our two year old son come down with encephalitis. She declined. I went to Dr Scott who listened and took my symptoms very seriously. He did the tests, even the cortisol and found that not only were my hormones a mess but I was in adrenal fatigue. He put me on the right doses of hormones and supplements and literally saved my life!! This man is far more than a doctor he is a man with a heart, a listening ear, compassion and caring that has changed my life for the better!”

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5-Star Review on Google by Leah O. ~

“What a wonderful experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful. A fantastic support group! I would highly recommend this office for anyone considering doing the HCG diet. I can fit into my skinny jeans again!!!!”

4-Star Review on Google by K G ~

“I had many “male” issues before contacting Dr. Scott. He and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and I am feeling 110% better than ever! I wake up feeling like a teenager again every morning and I’m 30 years past those golden years. Thank you, Dr. Scott, for your care and time and genuine concern for me.”

Excellent review by Jo A., via BirdEye

Dr. Scott and his staff are wonderful, I would recommend him 100 %

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Excellent review by Markus, via BirdEye

Very professional staff that is very welcoming and proficient. Dr. Scott is very patient and thorough with your situation and possible solutions. He spends the extra time making sure you are confident moving forward to a better you. He has your best interests at heart.

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Excellent review by Stephanie, via BirdEye

Amazing!! Dr.Scott and all his staff is very personable!! They all made me feel very good and excited about this journey that I’m about to embark. For once I am looking forward to losing weight!

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Excellent review by William W., via BirdEye

The best I’ve felt in years! My energy level is great, and my concentration is razor sharp. I highly recommend Dr. Scott.

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Excellent review by Ivy, via BirdEye

My visit was GREAT! Everyone was so caring and friendly. Dr. Scott really listened to my needs and was able to decide on the right plan for me. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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Excellent review by Julya, via Facebook

Dr.Scott is the BEST!!! The absolute best when it comes to hormones!!!

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Jannine was professional and made me feel at ease during my treatment.  Excellent job.  I am very selective on who injects me since I inject as well.  She met all of my expectations and more.  Thanks again Jannine! ~ * November, 2016

The HCG diet really works! The staff here is excellent and very caring. Really happy with the results and eager to do another round.

~ * Ann Martin, October 2016

Dr. Scott and his staff made me feel I was in the right place for help and took the time to explain everything when I had a question, never made me feel uncomfortable. They truly care about the welfare of their patients and make it a pleasant visit each time. Dr. Scott and his wonderful crew have helped me loose weight and get my hormones in check. I am definitely feeling better about myself and will continue to improve! Thanks and what a Blessing you all have been to me!

~ *Pamela B, March 2016

Although today was my first visit to Dr. Scott I can already say he is the one I have been looking for for along time. The doctor is honest and explicit. He gave me the time to explain my issues and focused on some details that I wasn’t aware of. I felt very satisfied and that does not happen to me often. All I can say is that I would definitely come again.

~ *Faisal Asiri, November 2015

I had a great experience with Dr. Scott and his staff. Dr. Scott is very informative and extremely easy to talk to. With his help, I was able to lose weight and reach my goal. I continue to visit for B12 shots. The entire office staff is fabulous. Appointment times are flexible. They offer many programs to meet your needs. Highly recommend!

~ *Sue S, November 2015

I visited Dr. Scott’s office last Tuesday, April 14th, that was my 1st visit and it definitely will not be my last. I suffer from a hormonal imbalance and Dr. Scott saved my life. He gave me such positive feedback. Not only was he sympathetic to my symptoms he assured me that I will feel better. What I love about Dr. Scott is that the hormone replacement therapy treatment is all natural and it is solely designed for each individual. Dr. Scott has a wonderful staff as well. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who is suffering with a hormonal balance. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You are the best Dr. Scott!

~ *Deborah Worrell, April 2015

I had a great experience with Dr. Scott and his staff in fact I continue to visit for the B12 shots and for accountability. I had a back injury with a 70 pound weight gain. I rarely took photos, but I with these great folks have lost many inches and 61.9 pounds. I have more confidence and have started feeling much better about myself. I love what I have been able to do with their program and in the last 10 months. I encourage anyone that wants to change their lives and keep it off to give them a try they are well worth your time and money. They have many programs to meet your needs.

~ *Stacy Sabol, March 2015

I tried Dr. Scott after using other weight loss methods. My experience was absolutely fantastic. Within 23 days, I lost 20 pounds! I was so excited. Dr. Scott is a wonderful doctor who really cares about his patients and their well being. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about losing weight!

~ *Sylvia Cole, March 2015

Dr. Scott is very personable, informative and extremely easy to talk to. With his help, I am achieving healthy, realistic goals while working toward a better weight and a more physically fit lifestyle. The entire office staff is fabulous. Appointment times are flexible and work around my schedule.

~ *Kimberly Austin, February 2015

The whole staff is wonderful and I am having great success with both the weight loss and the HRT.

~ *Lynda Reilly, February 2015

Great Dr. and awesome staff! Dr. Scott spends a lot of time. I never felt rushed or like any question I had was too trivial. Recommend!

~ *Tomas Ford, November 2014

I rarely leave reviews for any businesses. This is an exception for me. The level of care, compassion and service from the whole staff was such a blessing to me in starting to make positive changes in my life. I had hormone issues that no one else seemed to figure out. Other doctors just told me I was crazy. Dr Scott was really patient in helping me get the right treatment. I have never felt better in my life. I know God sent me to him for a reason. Everyone sees such a big change in me. Thank you Dr Scott and all the girls
~ ANDREA,, August 2015

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