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“Since meeting Dr Scott and his team I have had a great experience on my weight loss journey. Following the plan has led to great progress losing 21lbs in 20 days.” ~ Michael, May 2017

“Dr. Scott and his staff are wonderful. Very caring and wants to help meet your goals and get you feeling the best you can. Coming to see him is one of the best decisions I have ever made”. ~ Pam D., April 2017

“The HCG diet really works! The staff here is excellent and very caring. Really happy with the results and eager to do another round..” ~ Ann, October 2016

“I have been ill for 35 years and no doctor could figure it out let alone help me. I could write a book. Dr. Scott found the problem and now I am on the road to recovery! I am already feeling better and I just started the treatment! Dr. Scott is a blessing!!” ~ Pamela, April 2016

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