Scarlet SRF Radio Frequency

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy – Skin Tightening and Lifting

Dr. Scott looked at several RF machines while searching for the one he thought gave the best results in skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and lifting.   He not only looked at the science behind the machines but looked at the RESULTS, even having them tested them on himself!  

Scarlet SRF is FDA approved and patented in the U.S. as well as 70 other countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

What is it?

Collagen provides the structure, or scaffolding, of the skin. Elastin provides the elasticity, or “bounce-back”. The Scarlet SRF uses micro-needle electrodes to transmit heat, through radiofrequency, to the skin. This machine is unique in that the way the heat is delivered. There is heat delivered around each electrode rather than between the electrodes. This helps to rejuvenate existing skin fibers, while producing new collagen and elastin. This not only improves the thickness, texture, tone, and color of the skin, it also provides lift. This is a “global” radiofrequency treatment, as opposed to the “focal” radiofrequency that the Agnes RF provides.

What areas does it treat?

The Scarlet targets virtually all skin tissue- scalp tightening, face tightening and lifting, double chin, neck and body (arms, abdomen) skin tightening. It not only tightens, it also improves skin texture, reduces the size of pores, improves photo-aging and scars. The Scarlet is often used with the Agnes radiofrequency device (described separately) to treat those problem areas where excess fat and skin are present.

Why the Scarlet?

It is the safest treatment in the field of radiofrequency systems, with minimal discomfort and little down-time. There is no bleeding or sensitivity as experienced with other micro needling treatments. It works on all skin types, rejuvenating all layers of skin without any pigmentation.

When do results appear?

We usually recommend 3 monthly treatments to maximize skin rejuvenation. Visible tightening results come immediately, with optimal results from skin remodeling appearing over 2-3 months after each treatment, as new collagen and elastin form.

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