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Do You Show Any of These 5 Signs of the Aging Breast?

  1. Skin color becomes poor because of less blood flow or sun damage.
  2. Shape of the breast becomes collapsed and droopy.
  3. Sensation decreased after breast-feeding, implants, other surgery, or aging.
  4.  Inverted nipples.
  5.  Crinkling, crepey skin around the cleavage area.
  6. Edges of implants becoming more visible.

As women age, even if they are happy with the size of their breasts, it’s not uncommon to find a loss of volume occurring in the upper part of the breast and in the cleavage area. Women may ultimately opt for a breast lift, which can lift the breast, but often leaves visible scarring and can also cause a decreased sensation.  A breast lift also does not add volume to the upper breast.  Additionally, the surgery can be quite costly.

The Vampire Breast Lift is a non-surgical form of breast augmentation that uses your own natural blood cells to give the breast a slight lift.

The plus?  There’s no downtime!   You can literally have this done on your lunch break.

The Vampire Breast Lift has been shown to provide shapelier breasts and increased sensation.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

Blood is drawn from your arm in the same way it would be for a normal blood test. Once blood has been collected, it is then centrifuged and the platelets are separated from the red blood cells. These platelets contain growth factors, that when injected, will cause an increase in adipose tissue, connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.

Occasionally, a filler such as Juvederm is added to the procedure to serve as scaffolding, if deemed necessary. A small gauge needle is used to inject the product into specific areas of the breast, which have been numbed. The procedure is very tolerable, with minimal discomfort and downtime.

The aim of the Vampire Breast Lift is to do what a well-made bra would do; provide lift and cleavage.

Good candidates for this procedure are women who are not looking to dramatically change the size of their breasts, but instead are looking for the following:

  • Desire rounder cleavage- to create a look that brings the inner portion of breasts closer to the midline.
  • Correction of irregularities.
  • Improves color and texture of skin, decreases appearance of stretch marks.
  • Correction of inverted nipples.
  • Can improve nipple sensation.
  • For those with natural breasts where size and shape are close but the woman wants extra roundness, without an increase in size or the down time of implants.
  • For those who have implants and want to correct small defects or to round off areas bordering implants to give a more natural look.


* Before / After for informational purposes only.  Your individual results may vary.

Vampire BreastLift Procedure by Runels, MD 11012011 from Vampire Procedures on Vimeo.

What are the Vampire Procedures?

The underlying premise is the same for all of the Vampire Procedures. Blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, and that blood is placed in a very specialized centrifuge. This centrifuge first separates the red blood cells from the plasma. Then, it concentrates the platelets. We then utilize this platelet rich plasma (PRP). These platelets contain growth factors that stimulate your own body to regenerate tissue within the area injected. It attracts and “fertilizes” stem cells to become collagen, elastin, blood vessels, adipose tissue, etc. (depending on the area where it’s injected). As an example, if it’s injected into a knee, it will cause the growth of cartilage tissue.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used in dentistry and in orthopedics for years. Sports stars such as Tiger Wood and Peyton Manning have shortened their wound healing time considerably using this procedure.

In my practice, I am using platelet rich plasma to regenerate tissue in aesthetics (the Vampire Facelift and Facial), in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (the P-shot), in women to help with sexual issues and urinary incontinence (the O-shot), as well as to help restore breast volume and shape (the Vampire Breast Lift). I have also been using PRP in both women and men, to restore hair growth (the Vampire Hair Restoration Procedure). The PRP that’s injected resorbs within 3-5 days. Then in about 2-4 weeks tissue growth begins, with maximal results being seen at 3 months. The duration of effect is between 12-24 months, depending on the individual and which procedure is chosen.

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