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Does Dr. Scott’s Weight, Hormone & Age Mgmt. Take Insurance? 

We are considered an out-of-network provider and do not accept insurance payments for any services. We will, however, provide you with a statement of services and fees paid which will be properly documented with appropriate diagnosis, laboratory, and procedure codes. This often will suffice for insurance reimbursement, and if not, should certainly apply toward a deductible or flexible spending account.  NOTE:  Patients cannot file any claims with Medicare because we have “opted out” of Medicare.

What happens after I book my appointment?

Once your appointment is booked, we will immediately send you a link to your own patient portal where everything is filled out and populated directly into your patient record.

Please fill out the patient questionnaire PRIOR to your appointment so Dr. Scott has the opportunity to familiarize himself with your history before you come in.   If you don’t have access to a computer, we will get the forms to you by mail or fax.

If I need blood drawn, how does that work , especially if I live out of town?

No worries!  Many of our patients travel from different parts of the US and some even from out of the country.   If our office isn’t convenient for you to have labs drawn before your appointment, we can arrange for you to have labs drawn at a LabCorp or Quest Lab, near where you live or work.   You can pay our office for them, either online or by call-in.  We will email you a requisition for you to take to your blood draw facility and the results will be sent directly to us.  When you come for your 1st appointment, we give you a copy of your labs after Dr. Scott has reviewed  them with you.   Lab work costs range from $85 for weight loss to $225  for a comprehensive hormone panel.  We also offer over 4,000 tests we can order for you.  If  you are curious about your blood levels without the cost of a Dr.’s report, we can order those for you and send the results via email  Whether it is court ordered paternity testing,  drug testing, or employment screening, we have you covered.   We also offer several several tests that can test for specific disease markers such as melanoma, breast cancers, cardiovascular diseases, etc.   See our Lab Test section for more information.    If you would like Dr. Shapiro to review your results with you by phone or Skype, that can be done for $49.00

How Often do I Have to be Seen?

If you are on testosterone from a compounding pharmacy, the law states that you must be seen by a doctor every six months to continue your prescription.   If not, we require an annual visit.  For Weight Loss, we offer  phone consultations and prescription services,  once medically cleared by your primary care physician or a visit to us.  For weight loss  phone consults,  you must have a digital blood pressure cuff and scales available for Skype sessions.  Most of our patients who live in town see us weekly for weigh ins and Lipo B injections.   For hormone consults, follow up labs are generally 6-8 weeks after a medication change.   After your levels are stabilized, levels will be checked every 6 months unless other problems arise.

Are There any Monthly or Annual Contracts?

You will never be obligated to sign up for a monthly program or annual contract.   We are NOT a SALES clinic who pays commissions based on bookings.   We are a PHYSICIAN’S clinic, who seeks the best care for you at the most economical price we can afford.    For those who prefer to be on a monthly payment plan for budgeting purposes, we are happy to arrange that through our business office.

How Long Until I Feel the Effects of Bio-Identical
Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

This question greatly depends on the individual and method of treatment chosen. Some patients feel the effects in a matter of weeks, others in the first couple of months.   For pellet therapy patients, sometimes the best results are seen after the 2nd insertion.

Are There Side Effects Associated with BHRT?

There are very few side effects associated with BHRT,  but rest assured, they will be thoroughly discussed with you before you and the Dr. decide on a course of treatment.   Most patients find them minor in comparison to how they feel once their levels are restored.

Can I Have my Primary Care Physician Order
my Blood Work so I Can Bill Insurance?

Unfortunately not. We will arrange for you to have your blood work tested at one of our preferred partner’s facilities. We will also provide you with a super bill with all the correct codes so you may submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.    Again, since we have opted out of insurance, the lab will try to bill you directly and the charges can be more than $500+ in many instances.

My Doctor doesn’t seem happy that I’m seeking bioidentical treatment for hormones or am considering the HCG diet.   How do I talk to him/her? 

Often doctors are not comfortable with treatments that were not covered much in medical school.  Do you realize that on  average, a medical student spends only SIX hour studying hormone?    Some have read studies in the past and never did further research.  They don’t even realize that the studies were seriously flawed or often funded by large pharmaceutical companies that would rather sell SYNTHETIC hormones which are HUGE money makers for them and   which CAN often cause cancer.    With regards to the HCG diet, many physicians dismiss it as an alternative, based SOLEY on the temporary low caloric intake required during the protocol.   They have never studied the science behind how it works and they also ignore the fact that your body is NOT just living on 500-800 calories per day but  is burning  and utilizing your abnormal fat stores for energy.   As with ANY low calorie diet, you will lose weight with or  WITHOUT HCG.   The biggest delineation is that WITHOUT HCG, your body is not using that rich source of fat stores for fuel.   Instead, it is burning muscle mass which IS  bad for you and ultimately SLOW your metabolism, rather than revving it up.     For the ones who take time to read, study the many, many thousands who have lost weight on this diet,  they “get” it.   As a matter of fact, we treat a few physicians in our clinic who have sought help from us with their own weight issues.   Additionally, we have several doctors who refer patients to us for weight loss.   We do have handouts available that answers some of these questions.  Feel free to ask if you would like one.

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