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Women are caregivers by nature. We want to be sure that those around us are healthy and living life to the fullest. So when the men in our lives need some help and guidance for staying healthy, we feel a burden to bring this to their attention.

Dr. Scott shares your concern for men’s health. His procedures and wellness plans have helped many men throughout the years and can help your man, too.

How can Dr. Scott help your man?

Weight loss and maintenance

It’s no surprise that obesity does a number on a man’s health. Overweight people may be more prone to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis just to name a few potential problems.

Dr. Scott has several different plans for weight loss. Dr. Scott works with each client individually to see which weight loss program would be right for them.  Some men have success on an appetite suppressant.

When working with a patient, Dr. Scott always includes a plan for weight loss maintenance as well.

Erectile dysfunction

The P-Shot®, which stands for Priapus Shot, can help your man get and keep an erection. In addition, the P-Shot® can help him achieve an orgasm of increased intensity.

Although the physical symptoms of erectile dysfunction may be obvious to you, what your man may not tell you is the emotional consequences erectile dysfunction has. Your man is facing a blow to his self-esteem and confidence. The part of his life where previously he could draw strength and release from has become a source of stress. But the P-Shot® provides a painless way to reverse his erectile dysfunction with no adverse reactions. The P-Shot® makes use of the technology of the Vampire procedure. The man’s own blood will be drawn and processed to concentrate the growth factors. This concentrated blood is then injected into the penis to stimulate blood vessel growth and function.

Hair Loss

Every inch that his hairline recedes chips away at your man’s confidence. The same safe, natural, Vampire procedure technology used for the P-Shot® can also be used on the scalp to stimulate regrowth of hair.

help your manNow that you know some of the ways that Dr. Scott can help your man, how can you bring it up in such a way that your man will listen and call to make an appointment?

  • No nagging! Your man will not be interested in what you have to say if you constantly badger him with your bossy commands.
  • Speak out of love and concern. Watch your tone of voice. Make sure your voice is filled with love, patience, and kindness.
  • Speak at the right time. Think ahead and pick the best time to talk without interruption or distraction. Trying to make love and he is not able to? Not a good time to bring up the P-Shot®. He is already feeling defeated. Wait until his heart is ready to listen and consider.
  • Keep it private. Erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and weight loss are personal. You should not be mentioning these in front of others or to others!
  • Offer to make an appointment for him. Some men may be willing to go see Dr. Scott if they don’t need to actually make the appointment. Offer to go along, too, but be respectful if he says no.
  • Let Dr. Scott do the talking. Some men are ready to take action when they are informed by another man. Email him a link to Dr. Scott’s YouTube channel or to Dr. Scott’s website so he can see for himself what Dr. Scott could do for him. Let your man see for himself the hope that is out there for him.

Dr. Scott is here to help your man enjoy life to the fullest. Your job is to tell your man how wonderful he is and let him know in a kind and loving way that his health and quality of life are worth his attention.

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