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Jennifer is nearing forty and is evaluating this season of her life. She has three wonderful kids who are all in elementary school and a husband who loves her deeply. She exercises regularly and eats well. She is happy with her body and feels confident when she looks in the mirror—all except for one area.

After breastfeeding all her children, her breasts have lost their perky fullness. Her breasts are sagging lower and further apart from each other every year. Soon she’ll be able to tuck them into her pants!

She wishes there was a way that she could change her shape back to the way it used to be before all the kiddos.

Jennifer’s friend had a surgical breast lift along with breast reduction. But Jennifer is not interested in full blown surgery because of the pain and the long recovery time. And she doesn’t need a reduction in size. She wants the breast size she has now without the sagging and drooping.

Plus, she heard that some women don’t have much feeling in their nipples after surgery. She doesn’t want to take that chance.

Young woman working at computerAnother friend of Jennifer’s said, “all you need is a new bra!” After a trip to the mall together, she has some new bras that have given her some lift for the daytime. But they don’t help when she isn’t wearing anything.

Jennifer decided to search online for “alternatives to breast lift surgery” and came across a procedure called the Vampire Breast Lift.

It sounded great! It was not a surgery so there was no recovery time or risk of losing nipple feeling. It is painless. And the procedure takes less than an hour.

After seeing some YouTube video success stories, Jennifer needed to find out more. She called Dr. Scott’s office and made an appointment.

Women like Jennifer have trusted Dr. Scott for years to help with their aging and weight loss needs. Many of his procedures feature the trusted technology called PRP.

PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) starts with drawing the patient’s blood and then processing it to concentrate the growth hormones. When the growth hormones are injected back into the patient, the area of injection is stimulated to produce collagen, tissue, blood cells, and nerves.

Because the PRP procedures begin with the patient’s blood and that blood is used to give rejuvenated life, the procedures carry the title “vampire.”

For the Vampire Breast Lift, the patient’s PRP is injected into the upper breast area in order to increase its volume resulting in lifted breasts with more defined cleavage.

Dr. Scott knows your body is smart.

Your own body creates the growth platelets you need to get your perky breasts back. With the Vampire Breast Lift, you will regain confidence with the return of a youthful feel to your figure. Contact Dr. Scott today.

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